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    Please take your time to browse through our large collection of amulets, statues, and other Thai Buddhist arts and collectables. We update our site very often, so you are welcomed to bookmark our site, and make enquiries whenever you find an item interesting and you would be interested in purchasing from us.

    We have been collecting Thai amulets and other Thai Buddhist artifacts for about 20 years as a hobby, so you can imagine the size of our collection. All our amulets were purchased directly from temples or given to us from our donations made to the temples we have visited and purchased from reputable collectors in Thailand, so we know all our Amulets are 100% genuine. We are still visiting and collecting so we opened a small store to share our collection with you.

    We have a section of special collections which are items normally not for sale, but we just would like to share their beauty and artwork. As with all business, we may make an exception and let genuine collectors purchase them, so if you see something you really like in our special collection, feel free to make an offer.

    Once again, thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay on our website.

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